Garantía de beneficio primeros 30 días WinnerOdds

30 days profit guarantee. If you do not get profit, we’ll refund your money

04.05.2019, WinnerOdds

At WinnerOdds, with the experience of tens of thousands of bets and the results obtained since May 2016, we are totally convinced of the profitability of our method.

So much that, if you do not obtain profit after the first month of subscription, you can get your money back or obtain one additional free month of subscription.

6 reasons to start today with the only “all-in-one” Value Betting application in the market

  1. 1000 Value Bets per month, all of them with advantage over the bookies.
  2. Exact calculation of the Minimum Profitable Odds (MPO) for each tennis match, in order to know exactly from wich odds you have an edge to bet with Positive Expected Value.
  3. Odds comparison tool, including the current odds from the 40 bookmakers we are monitoring, so that you can bet always on the bookmaker with the highest odds in which you have an account.
  4. Automatic calculation of the exact Bet Size for each bet depending on your bankroll (without “stake” approximations).
  5. The easiest sports betting management app to store your bets and track your investment results.
  6. Custom notifications depending on your bookmakers in order to take profit of the edge over the bookmakers as soon as possible.

Why do we propose this agreement? (that nobody else offers)

WinnerOdds is so impressive that experience tells us that the best way to know how WinnerOdds works, is to try it.

However, due to the variance of the results, a bad start is still possible during the first month due to the fact that the long term is normally reached after several months.

To compensate you in case this bad start happens, if you do not get profit after the first month of subscription, you can recover the money of the subscription or get one more month of subscription without cost.

WinnerOdds Garantía de beneficio durante el primer mes

And… what are the conditions?

We want to be as much transparent as possible with you.

The only condition is that you select at least 200 picks, from the more than 1000 that we publish, according to our method recommendations.


(You can check the conditions of the guarantee here)


Try now the most recognized Value Betting application with maximum confidence.

If you want to start, follow this link, please.

And if you have any other questions about WinnerOdds, you can send it to us right here, in the comments, and any member of WinnerOdds will happily solve it.

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