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29.10.2020, WinnerOdds

There’s been lots of anticipation and many questions since we first announced our Football betting algorithm.

Well, wait no longer – It’s ready to go!

WinnerOdds Football

Most of you know of, or have used, our WinnerOdds Tennis algorithm and have seen the incredible results that have unfolded over the last four years. The Football system will be almost identical in its simplicity and implementation.

Simply, the Football algorithm calculates real-time probabilities for upcoming Football matches, then compares the calculated probabilities against bookmaker odds  – finding, isolating, and sharing ‘value bets’ on football markets all across the world.

We provide the prediction, bookmaker, and stake size (based on your current bankroll) – in a ‘done for you’ system.

That’s the basics; just like WinnerOdds Tennis.


Who Will Have Access To WinnerOdds Football?

All of you. Every WinnerOdds Tennis subscriber with an active account gets access to WinnerOdds Football.

As the system is currently in Beta, we are giving full access to all current and future subscribers for the duration of the Beta.

So currently, it’s a two for one Tennis and Football system for the same WinnerOdds price. As it grows and develops it will become a standalone system.

How Will It Work?

Just like WinnerOdds Tennis.

At the top of your odds section, you will have a toggle that will seamlessly switch you between the Football and Tennis service.

While it will use the same type of interface, each sport will have its own odds and results page, with separated bankroll and tracking.

At launch, we will have three big tracked bookmakers: Pinnacle, Marathon Bet, and Bet365.

All picks will be in 1×2 format (Head to Head). For now…

If you’re a previous WinnerOdds user, you will already know how to use WinnerOdds Football, if you are a new subscriber you’ll have no trouble picking it up.

WinnerOdds Football

Odds, Bankroll, And What To Expect

We have two years of logged and backlogged data that helps us understand the efficacy and requirements of the system, here is what to expect.

Over our two years backtest using the first version of our algorithm we have recorded:

  • Bets: 2486
  • Avg bet size: 1.8 Units
  • Yield: 11.56%
  • Avg Weighted odds: 2.31
  • p-value: 0.000032%
  • EMDD (1 year): 40%.

We’ll have more in-depth stats at the bottom of this post.

The average weighted odds over that two year period are 2.31, markedly higher than the Tennis system. What this means is that there is a higher risk of short-term variance.

With the Tennis system we considered 1000 bets to be a long-term analysis of results, with our Football system, that number was set at 2500. We have now reached that number.

We recommend a 500-1000 bankroll to begin using WinnerOdds Football Beta.

When you open WinnerOdds Footballs historical results page you won’t see these results, this is because we have decided to reset them at zero – We want our results to reflect the results of real users; all of you.

What’s next?

You will have access as of Monday 2nd of November, throughout the day access will be activated and you’ll have full access to WinnerOdds Football from the odds page!

You will have access as of Monday 2nd of November.

Other than the daily tweaks that are inherent in the Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, we also have some updates and goals for the system going into the future:

We are constantly working on improving the model and developing new strategies to complement the system. We will soon be offering Asian Handicap Lines and Over/Under predictions as the data continues to develop and we are able to prove their profitability.

New education and information regarding WinnerOdds will be developed to help users understand our systems better and educate new users on taking full advantage of WinnerOdds Tennis and WinnerOdds Football.

As the system grows and we gather your results and feedback we will look towards separating then Tennis and Football systems and moving towards a standalone product.

After over a year of testing, tweaking, and development we couldn’t be more excited about the direction of WinnerOdds Football and WinnerOdds in general.

Enjoy the system, send us any feedback you have, and any further questions to

Happy Value Betting

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WinnerOdds Football

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