2020 El regreso de WinnerOdds. Prepara tu bankroll

2020 WinnerOdds Is Back, New And Improved

29.08.2020, Miguel Figueres Moreno

We know, We know. You’re at home, times are rough, sports are starting again, you’re missing WinnerOdds. Well we might just have some good news for you all!

No Summer Holidays Here…

At WinnerOdds, there has been no time for rest. Yes, maybe a little sunbathing or a sneaky beer in our spare time. But mostly, we have been working extremely hard to resume the tennis predictions, as quickly as possible. With another exciting project, 4 years in the making, nearly ready to launch. More on that below.

But let’s start with the Tennis algorithm. What do we need to be sure that everything is ok?

Well, players have had a long period without playing, so their form is unknown. The algorithm doesn’t know if they have been training, resting or even ill/injured during these recent months. So we need some matches to know more about their level and predict their probability to win. And we finally have some data.

Results Of The Simulation

We started the simulation of bets during the 31st Palermo Ladies Open, and these are the results we have obtained since 3rd August:

  • Bets: 61
  • Volume: 177.46u
  • Profit: 24.71u
  • Yield: 13.92%
  • Avg. Stake: 2.91
  • Avg. Weighted Odds: 1.66

If our true long-term yield was actually 0%, what are the chances we would have achieved this short-term 13.92%?

This probability is 6%. It means that, even with this short sample, with a true long-term yield of 0%, we would have obtained this 13.92% yield only 1 of every 17 times. In addition, we have seen that the average weighted odds and bet size are similar to the previous values. Everything seems ok!

Imminent Resumption

We are already preparing everything and making some adjustments, but very shortly, the odds section will be available again, and new subscriptions will also be possible.

Prepare your bankroll, open new accounts in as many bookies as possible, so that you can get those better opportunities and greater odds, and check that you have WinnerOdds notifications activated!

Changes Are The Natural State

We know that many tournaments have been cancelled. But that’s beyond our control. We can only recommend that everyone follow the precautions of wearing a mask, maintaining maximum social distance, and reduce the risk of contagion.

We expect to have good results and be profitable even in these extreme circumstances. AI algorithms and ourselves have to adapt to the changes.

Be as water, my friends! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJMwBwFj5nQ)

P.S. More Projects – Get Pumped

As I have explained, we have been working extra hard this summer because… we have finished our football prediction algorithm. Finally, we have the data and the methodology ready to bet on the 1X2 market. Some of us are even already betting on the recommendations, as the results of the backtest are quite good, and the real test is also promising.

We will probably have a “beta” version of the system during October. In the beginning, this beta will be included in the WinnerOdds subscription, so that it will be easy to test. And while we get a bigger sample of 1X2 bets, we are preparing AH and OU markets too.

Yes, you read that right. During October we hope to include The WinnerOdds Football Beta in the regular WinnerOdds Tennis subscription.

The addition of football recommendations will require some interface changes, but as always, our objective is to provide the best usability and design.

Finally, 4 years after WinnerOdds was first deployed, we will be able to bet on our favourite Icelandic team 😀

P.S.2 For NewComers

There is no better time to join us, the system is up and running and lots of exciting things are coming up.

If you want to subscribe to WinnerOdds, hold your horses. Subscriptions will resume the same day our service restarts.

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