Profit Guarantee

First month profit guarantee

First month profit guarantee

In WinnerOdds, with the experience of tens of thousands of bets and the results since May 2016, we are totally convinced of the profitability of our method. However, due to the variance of the results, a bad start is still possible after the first month, due to the fact that the long term is normally reached after several months. To compensate if this bad start happens, if you do not obtain profit after the first month of subscription, you can get your money back or obtain one additional free month of subscription.

Purpose of the guarantee

If the profit of the bets that fulfil the following conditions is negative, the user can get the refund of the first month subscription.

Additionally, if the initial bankroll was over € 1000 and the profit is lower than the cost of the subscription, the difference will be reimbursed up to a maximum of the cost of the subscription.

Alternatively, the user can get an extension of the subscription for one month without cost.

Conditions of the bets to be fulfilled during the first month

  • The period considered as month is 30 days from the subscription day
  • These conditions will only apply to subscriptions made after 14/02/2019, being valid only once per user.
  • Placement of at least 200 bets during the first month, or 100 bets for subscriptions made during the months of November, December or January.
  • Bets must be placed according to the WinnerOdds method:
    • Bets above Minimum Profitable Odds, placed before the start of the match
    • Bet size according to the recommended amount (whenever possible)
    • Bets without discrimination of markets or odds range
    • Bankroll updated automatically
  • Biannual subscriptions will not be refunded. In this case, only an extension of one month of subscription is included in the guarantee.
  • The use and enjoyment of any promotion is excluded from this guarantee.
  • This guarantee is only applicable to the WinnerOdds Tennis system results. Any system that is in Beta phase is excluded from this guarantee.

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